10.1 Timothy Leary: indice di opere primarie

(con data di prima pubblicazione) Timothy Leary. Caos e Cibercultura — 10. Risorse

Vai agli altri capitoli di Caos e Cibercultura di Timothy Leary

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Multilevel Measurement of Interpersonal Behavior (1956)

Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality (1957)

The Psychedelic Experience (1964). Con Ralph Metzner e Richard Alpert.

Psychedelic Prayers (1966)

Start Your Own Religion (1967)

High Priest (1968)

The Politics of Ecstasy (1968)

The Declaration of Evolution (1970)

Timothy Leary, Appellant v. State of California (1970)

Jail Notes (1970)

Neurologic (1973)

Confessions of a Hope Fiend (1973)

Starseed (1973)

Terra 77 (1974)

The Curse of the Oval Room (1974)

What Does WoMan Want? (1976)

Exo-Psychology (1977)

Neuropolitics (1977). Con Robert Anton Wilson e George Koopman.

The Intelligence Agents (1979)

Neurocomics (1979)

The Game of Life (1979)

Changing My Mind, Among Others (1982)

Flashbacks (1983)

Mind Mirror (1986; software)

Info-Psychology (New Falcon Publications, 1987; revisione di Exo-Psychology)

An Annotated Bibliography of Timothy Leary (Archon Books, 1988)

What Does WoMan Want? (New Falcon Publications, 1988; ed. rivista) Flashbacks (J. P. Tarcher, Inc., 1990; con aggiunte)

Timothy Leary’s Greatest Hits (1990)

The Politics of Ecstasy (Ronin Publishing, 1990; con aggiunte)

Timothy Leary’s Greatest Hits (KnoWare, 1990)

The Game of Life (New Falcon Publications, 1993)

How to Operate Your Brain (Retinalogic, 1993; video)

The Psychedelic Experience (Citadel Press, 1993)

Chaos & Cyber Culture (1994)

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